CIAA Commities

In order to improve Ukrainian legislation in the field of accounting, audit and taxation there were established the Committee on Tax Legislation of Ukraine and the Audit Committee on the basis of CIAA.

The main tasks of the Committee are:

  • harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with legislation of the European Union and its reformation using the experience of developed democratic states;;
  • development and further proposals to the legislative bodies of Ukraine;
  • participation in the formation and implementation of national social-economic development programs;;
  • cooperation with state authorities, local self-government bodies, legal entities and/or individuals both on the territory of Ukraine and abroad on the matters within the competence of CIAA.

If you wish to contribute to the process of creating a supportive professional environment in Ukraine and to join the committee, please contact the Secretariat of CIAA at:

+38 044 482 28 58

+38 044 482 27 88

+38 044 482 28 99

or by e-mail: