Benefits of the membership in CIAA

Benefits of membership in CIAA:

  • We comply with our duties and twice a month we organize professional trainings and seminars free of charge;
  • We have organized the work groups to adapt national legislation of Ukraine to European standards;
  • We are not lobbyists for individual projects, such as CIPA-CAP. We pay due attention to the professional growth of our members on a variety of training programs;
  • Free legal protection of members’ interests who represent the accounts and auditors’ profession;
  • Free participation in all activities of  CIAA (monthly trainings, seminars, conferences, international congresses and the like);
  • Free provision of professional assistance and legal support;
  • Free assistance in employment;
  • Free provision of necessary information materials;
  • Personal participation in the established working group on the improvement of the current Ukrainian legislation;
  • Exchange of experience among the members of CIAA;