General information

Council of Independent Accountants and Auditors (CIAA) is a nonprofit organization which purposes at joining  efforts of accountants and auditors for facilitating reformation and development of accounting and auditing in Ukraine taking into consideration the processes of European integration, improvement of tax legislation and protection of professional, social and other common interests of organization members.

Main tasks of CIAA are assistance in the following:

  1. harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with legislation of the European Union and its reformation using the experience of developed democratic states;
  2. participation in the formation and implementation of national social-economic development programs; cooperation with state authorities, local self-government bodies, legal entities and/or individuals both on the territory of Ukraine and abroad on the issues referring to the goal of CIAA;
  3. professional development of accountants and auditors and promotion of ethic standards among the professional community;
  4. improvement of educational system and professional development of accountants and auditors;
  5. providing CIAA members with  necessary educational, informational and advisory services;
  6. improvement of legal culture of accountants and auditors;  improvement of the role  of accountants and auditors’ profession in society; development of accounting and auditing services market in Ukraine;
  7. protection of legal rights and interests of CIAA members and strengthening of existing legal regulations concerning legal protection of accountants, auditors and  members of CIAA.